Making game downloads
3x faster

Creating an immersive experience for gamers increasingly requires large quantities of data. For most gamers this makes downloads, slow, painful and sometimes too expensive to contemplate.

Tangentix compression has been successfully applied to more than 20 games, of all genres.

Game Conventional Tangentix
Skyrim 6 GB 2 GB
CoD: Black Ops II 14.5 GB 4.8 GB
World of Tanks 4.5 GB 2.2 GB
Dirt Showdown 6.4 GB 2 GB
Perfect World 5.2 GB 2.2 GB
Kane & Lynch II 7 GB 2.8 GB

Using proprietary algorithms, many of which are covered with patent applications, Tangentix recompresses assets to minimise the size of the game. These assets are decompressed during download so as soon as the download completes the game will be available for the user to play.

Compressing games means that there's less waiting time, which means up-to 35% better conversion on free-to-play titles, and the greater immediacy means that there's less reason to postpone a purchase for a later sale or offer. More importantly perhaps, digital distribution has improved margins, sometimes upto $12 better, and therefore shifting a consumer's preference to digital distribution is very beneficial to profitability.

Finally, many emerging nations have low bandwidth caps, which makes downloading games very painful for users- sometimes they face overage charges, more often they can incur punitive speed reductions if they exceed these caps. We have seen download completion rates drop as low as 20% in territories where most users are capped.

Tangentix has compressed games built with the following game engines:

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