GameSessions™ gives players an easy way to try great games on their own computer for free, then rent or purchase to continue playing seamlessly when the trial is over.

Publishers gain the opportunity to tempt hesitant users towards a purchase. Players download a full copy of the game 2-3 times faster than from anywhere else, and, until purchase, that copy is protected with our proprietary access control. Then, at the optimum time, the user can choose to rent further sessions, or instantly purchase full access to the game.

GameSessions™: Publisher Dashboard

Tangentix provides publishers with a sophisticated, dashboard to control their entire catalogue.

The publisher sets the availability and price of trials, rentals and purchase in each region.

Implementing GameSessions™

Within days Tangentix can make a catalogue of recent PC titles available through the platform under the publisher control. No change is made to any of the game code in this process. Then, through the publisher dashboard, variations of price and availability can be tested in different geographies to optimise sales performance.

Until purchase, all the key assets remain encrypted with our Progressive DRM™, and our unique compression means that sales are not lost at the download step, especially in territories with low limits on monthly network downloads.

The publisher pays nothing for set-up, CDN, or customer acquisition and Tangentix charges only a modest charge on transactions through the platform.

GameSessions™: Benefits for publishers

GameSessions™ offer all the benefits of traditional demo games, but goes much further. Because the full game is downloaded with the free trial, there is no download barrier at the point of purchase, and therefore no reason to either postpone that decision, to shop around for discounts or to find a pirate copy. The user simply makes the payment without leaving the game and keeps on playing.

As GameSessions™ are Steam compatible there is no change to the publishers' ordinary distribution models, and because there’s no change whatsoever to the game code titles can be ready for distribution in days.

Throughout the whole process the publisher is in complete control: access to trials, rentals and purchase as well as the pricing in each region.

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GameSessions™: Frequently Asked Questions

What games are going to be available at launch?

Tangentix is working with nearly all of the major publishers of PC games on their launch line-up. Beta trials of a variety of these are going on currently, by invitation only. An announcement will be made soon of some of the games that will be available on the day of public launch and we will have more than 100 top quality games available within months.

How does this work with Steam?

Tangentix has been working with Steam to make the process of placing purchased titles into the users steam library as smooth as possible. Once payment is made, the user is required to identify their Steam account, GameSessions™ servers send a Steam Key to their account, triggering that title to appear in the user's Steam library.

When does the service launch?

January 2014 is the planned open launch - further details will be available soon.

Are there any setup costs?

There is no charge to publishers to having their catalogue available on GameSessions™.

How long does it take to get a catalogue of games ready?

Within a couple of days the Progressive DRM™ can be applied and the title made available.

Who acquires the customers for GameSessions™?

Tangentix recruits customers using a mixture of Partner relationships and internet advertisement. The superior click through and conversion rates of free trials make this a very effective approach. After the first launch sales we also recommend that site from the game monosite can also be directed (with lower fees).

What’s the best way for a publisher to get started with GameSessions™?

Get in touch with Tangentix now and we can have your catalogue available and working to recruit new players within days.

Can pricing & availability be region-targeted?

Yes, messaging, pricing, availability options are all set on a regional basis

Is an internet connection required?

The download of the game, and the trial and rental periods require an internet connection in order to enable the Progressive DRM™ to function. However, at purchase this requirement is removed, and the game can be played as normal for a purchased copy of that game.

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